The use of chlorine in our drinking
water and pools has an impact on our
environment and our health!

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With UV pool systems for your pool
or spa you can drastically reduce the use of
chemicals. The ultraviolet system performs the
dutiescarried out by harmful chemicals!

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For the cost of operating a small light bulb
you can disinfect your water as it passes by the
uv lamp. This greatly reduces the need to pour
harmful chemicals into your pool or spa!

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For Pools and Spas

Ultraviolet Pools Ultra UV Ultraviolet sanitation systems provide an additional layer of protection beyond the capability of the usual chlorine or salt generator sanitizers. By immediately neutralizing the microorganisms that are resistant to these other sanitizers as water circulates through the UV reactor, maximum sanitation is achieved. Ultraviolet Pools Engineers have designed this true state-of-the-art sanitation system to provide exceptional performance and value. Insist on this high level of protection for your family.

Why choose a UV system for your pool or spa

Healthier Water


UV systems for pools eliminates up to 90% of chlorine and nearly 100% of chlorine side effects.  Ultraviolet systems reduces harsh chemicals to safe levels commonly found in drinking water, only .3 – .5 ppm. UV for pools frees your family of burning eyes, skin irritations, foul chemical odours, bleached hair, and chlorine allergies.

An Ultraviolet system for your pool will also eliminates toxic chlorine by-products called organochloride compounds. These toxic chemicals have been associated with cancer, asthma and allergies. Chlorine chemically reacts with organics such as leaves, debris, sweat and urine. The resulting organochlorine compounds include nitrogen trichloride, aldehydes, halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform, trihalomethanes, and chloramines. UV systems for pools eliminate these harmful chemicals and will provide a healthier, eco friendly pool experience.

Dollars and Sense


A UV system for pools and spas will drastically reduce the need for chemicals, making ownership more practical than any other system.  With an ultraviolet system there is no longer a need for an algaecide.  This, combined with a drastic reduction in the need for chlorine or bromine, makes for a very stable environment, meaning regular pool maintenance if far less onerous.

The significant drop in chemicals is a drastic savings! The operating costs of the UV system are very low – a one lamp UV system for your pool is equivalent to running a 60W light bulb.

Low Maintenance


Without an ultraviolet system for your pool, vacations, or time away can reek havoc on your chemical balance.  With our UV system maintenance is infrequent and easy.  As long and the circulation system runs a minimum amount of time per day, the ultraviolet light will keep  the water clear and clean

At the heart of the Ultra UV is a very powerful, environmentally safe ultraviolet (UV) light.  It is the only way to sanitize you pool or spa that adds nothing to the water and does not produce any by-products.  It requires very little maintenance and is much better for the environment than traditional ways of sanitizing.