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Ultra UV Pool Systems

“When chloramines and similar compounds are exposed to UV energy, they are broken down. This reduces the odour and irritation problems that are generally associated with chlorine pools, leaving cleaner, better smelling water and giving an enhanced swimming experience.”

The Ultra UV is an ultraviolet system for pools and spas that provides an additional layer of protection and sanitation beyond the capability of the usual chlorine or salt generator sanitizers.  By immediately neutralizing the microorganisms that are resistant to these other sanitizers as water circulates through the UV reactor, maximum sanitation is achieved. Ultraviolet Pools Engineers have designed this true state-of-the-art sanitation system to provide exceptional performance and value. Insist on this high level of protection for your family.

This UV system is loaded with the features users want in their UV system. Our flow sensor turns the lamps on and off with the pump, eliminating the need for timers, or difficult wiring situations.  Multi-directional piping connections allow for easy installation in almost any configuration. In addition, easy upgrade capability to achieve kill at higher flow rates, a 100% polymeric corrosion resistant wet reactor suitable for salt systems, and 13,000 hour long life UV lamp(s) are just a few key features that set the Ultra UV system apart from the competition.

Ultraviolet Pools Ultra UV

With thousands of UV treated municipal drinking water treatment plants operating worldwide, UV sanitation has a proven history of providing high sanitation capability without introducing any harsh chemicals into the water.This capability makes the Ultra UV system a logical sanitation choice not only for swimming pools, but also for ponds, water features, fountains, and spas. Let nature’s sanitizing light waves work for your application and enjoy the obvious benefits of a safe and healthy water environment.


Ultraviolet Pool Systems Provide Protection Beyond Chlorine

UV-C lamp immediately inactivates 99.9% of microorganisms such as Crypto, Giardia and algae which are resistant to chlorine. This provides a cleaner, clearer swimming environment with zero harmful by-products. Plus, dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain an adequate level of residual sanitizer.*  In fact, the CDC is now recommending UV to eliminate the possibility of such organisms.